Who was I?

I was a senior leader in the equivalent of a FTSE 100 company, I worked an average day from 7am to 7pm in the office, oh and i have 2 kids who i managed to get home to kiss them goodnight if i was lucky, then i’d start back at work again till maybe midnight. I was also an hour commute away so my time with my family was limited to say the least. My husband says i looked grey. I was miserable, i was missing my babies grow up and something had to change.

And it did at a big cost, my body gave up on me and i had a serious accident which left me unable to walk for 6 months. I was doing too much and neglecting myself and my family & my body made me stop! When you can’t move & you have enforced thinking time you evaluate a lot of stuff and i knew i had to make some changes so i started planning…


I’m lucky in that i’ve had quite a varied experience in working life, in both small and large organisations and as i was identified as a star for the future i’ve had a lot of time, money & education invested in me. I’ve become an expert in planning and business planning and in my career have often been drafted in Management Consultant style to develop ideas, troubleshoot and make things happen.

I’m degree educated specialising in English Language and i’ve been a mentor for years particularly for new talents and people trying to make a name for themselves.

So i decided to take theses skills and help other women who are like me but may not have had the same investment in personal development that i’ve been lucky enough to have. Mums who want to be at home more and women who have got more to give, away from the confines of their corporate existence.


I am the creator of The Hidden Choice - a business launch method which gives busy mums self employed freedom by designing a business that fits around your priorities. 


I work around my family schedule, using tools that i’ve developed to help me to run my business, and i changed my working focus to be helping other people like me to do the same.

I’m an individual, a successful business owner, a mum of 2 plus pooch (who was my original baby), a wife and a bit of a training fanatic.


I love my group training (TBT Womens Fitness and Nutrition - look them up on Facebook, I can’t recommend them enough), I love Lattes & Wine, I love Italian food, I love listening to podcasts whilst i walk the dog, I love interior design, I love my family & family huggles (to quote my youngest). And do you know what, that’s what is important in life - doing what you love, and i’ve managed to build a plan to have more of it all. If you’re interested, follow my Pinterest boards for more on what i’m about www.pinterest.com/yourmetier 


I’m on a mission to help mums to find the time to launch their own business, start a business around their kids, prioritise what's important to them, be they mumpreneur wannabes or simply a mum in business - but most importantly, to lose the mum guilt.

YOur Metier Values

This is me and what i’ve built this business on

1. Friendly & Nice

I’m the friend who has your back. I’m nice to work with but i’ve got your best interests at heart through your business idea - so i will tell you! But there’s too much meanness in the world so i treat everyone as i’d like to be treated.

We get one another, value feedback and enjoy working together, so when at times you can feel like you’re on your own, you’re not.

2. Forewarned is Forearmed

A good plan can help you to prepare and make informed decisions as well as manage risk. My programmes work through your ideas and goals so you give yourself the best chances of success amid to live the life you want


3. Authenticity

What you see is what you get. I’m honest. Trust is a deal breaker for me. And i really want all my working interactions to be real. What i mean by that is no bullshit - oh yes, i do like a good swear every now & again, it’s part of who i am. 

It’s what you’ll get from me 100% and it’s what i expect in return - honest & no bull


4. Self Responsibility

You got this. But no-one can make it happen but you. It’s something i live by and something i expect from the people i work with


5. Adding Value & Helping Others

I want to make a difference, to my family, to whatever business i’m working with, to the world - i’m not talking delusions of grander here, i just want to help and bring about change for the better and i feel like i genuinely can. What’s the point of doing something if you’re only going to do it half assed?

Speaking of value - have a look at my free stuff page - i hope you may find it useful