Have you've been going for a couple of years, been doing ok but you're losing focus?

Have you realised that actually you could really do with some help to get some momentum & control back?

Do you think you'd benefit from someone who can support & guide you, and help you get that focus back so you're clear on where you're going?

As well as giving you a step by step plan to implement in your business?

This is for you


I will spend the day with you giving you some much needed expertise to get some strategic direction and structure to your business to help you to deliver your goals.

I can do a strategy session either online, or in person if you are based in the North West & we will spend the time getting under the skin of your business, your goals and plans



Your vision & purpose 

Provide clarity of goals

Set clear direction which can be easily communicated in a consistent & resonating way

Your positioning & customer

Marketing channels

A plan to get this implemented & delivered

So you walk away clear on who you are, what you want, where you're going & how to do it

Sound good?

Have Computer Will Travel

You'll turn out ordinary if you're not careful

Ann Brashares