I offer flexible, primarily online consultancy to small – medium businesses, drawing on my years of experience & training in planning, people and projects. I bring my skills & experience to help businesses with their strength, stability & growth.


I offer 4 primary services which have dramatically benefitted the businesses I’ve worked for.


1)  Strategy & direction setting including effective business planning 

Providing clarity of goals, clear & agreed direction for the business which can be easily communicated in a consistent & resonating way. A written strategy that the whole business can get behind including values & purpose.  Accompanying plans in order to deliver the strategy & achieve the desired outcomes

2) Creating well-structured projects and effective stakeholder management strategies

Setting projects up with an appropriate structure & team to deliver that structure as well as reporting and visible plans so you can have sight of the project’s progress and success. Stakeholder maps, strategies & communications plans as required in order to deliver with engaged stakeholders.

3) Internal Client Relationship Management strategies & proposals

Do you provide a service to someone else within the business, or are the recipient of a service also provided in house – but the service is not well managed, communicated or collaborative. I can provide a strategy to deal with all of the above and improve working relationships

4) Annual business planning including goal, objective & deliverable setting

Providing operational processes to follow so that each year, by reviewing lessons learned, looking at plans & strategies you can set clear deliverables for the coming year and realistic plans to achieve those goals that will drive your business forwards.

Benefits of implementing the services i consult on include but are not limited to:

  • Business stability and/or growth through effective planning

  • Cost management through effective planning

  • A clear plan allowing focus to be on achieving the right objectives

  • Strategic direction ensuring clear & effective communication, marketing & achieving goals

  • Delivery of identified project benefits

  • Improved stakeholder management and increased engagement

  • Investment capital being secured

  • Business’ deliverables clear & achieved

  • Quality information & reporting ensuring better decisions made

  • Getting done what needs to get done!


So step 1 – Click APPLY to start the process! I'll send you a form to fill in, get it back to me asap & I will then contact you to confirm receipt and let you know if I need any more information.


Step 2 is a free call with me, we’ll go through your business in more detail and create an outline plan proposal


Step 3 will be a costed proposal for how we’ll address your required outcomes


Step 4 if you chose to accept the proposal will be a detailed, implementable plan and proposed ongoing support recommendation


Step 5 is over to you to get going!

Most of my experience has come from businesses not achieving what they set out to, or activities being out of control, whether that is in terms of a project or goals they had in mind for the business; Or from people involved with the business in some way not being on board or happy in receipt of the service they’re being provided with. Those scenarios I have been tasked to resolve through troubleshooting the issues & providing solutions.

I have an outcome based approach – understand your goals and work through the best solutions for your needs


My consultancy includes creating bespoke plans to achieve your objectives, which you can then go on to implement yourself or we can support the implementation through ongoing management or mentoring. See the infographic below for the support that i could provide you for implementation 


If this sounds like what your business needs and you’re ready to take action to get on the front foot with your business, then let’s do this!

I have an application form to get some important information from you to make sure that we’re well suited to work together and so i start to understand your business. I am focussed on quality so I limit the number of people I work with at any one time so my clients can expect a quality, focussed service.

I work on the values of honesty & authenticity and expect that in return, so I can give you the best advice & support in order to achieve what we set out to.