Have you taken those first tentative steps into launching your business?

You've done the research & know what you want to do, but now you're nervous that you've missed something or actually it's not going to work?

Could do with someone to hear your thoughts or look at your plans, just to call out anything glaring &/or give you some pointers?

Want to stress test your plans & ideas so you've not missed anything?

One off, no long term commitment, just help when you need it

This is for you


We'll do an online call for 90 minutes, reviewing your ideas & plans whereby you share what you're thinking & want to achieve too. We can troubleshoot, I will share learnings & pitfalls and give some feedback on what could make the plan more robust.


You'll finish the call with some clear next steps and a greater understanding of a robust business plan

You'll know what you need to do to move forwards & make a solid business model

Want to be more confident with your plans?

Click the book now button to send me an email and confirm your details, including your phone number & I'll call you back for a brief chat and to book you in.

You'll turn out ordinary if you're not careful

John Lasseter - Pixar

Quality is the best business plan