Your Destiny is determined by the choices you make.

Choose now. Choose Well.

Anthony Robbins

Your Metier in person! Kate Rawlings-Brown

"I help busy mums get

self-employed freedom by designing a business that fits around your priorities"


I’m Kate, I’m a mum to 2 boys and a dog, and I’m a business planner, strategist and mentor helping other mums who want to set up their own businesses and have time for themselves & their families. I help you to work through your business idea, your priorities, what’s important to you and help you to make a plan so you can give yourself the best chance of success and live your life now.

Mum to 2 Boys

I help busy mums to redress the balance, and launch a business based around priorities, doing something you love.

A business consultant to wannabe mumpreneurs.

I create you a bespoke roadmap so you have a clear framework to follow to launch a business, in the time that you have, so you have freedom to decide how you want to spend your time in the future.


I’ve found over the years that i have a very specific set of skills (to quote Liam Neeson in Taken!) and experience that most people with their own business would love to have so i’m told - so i’ve put myself out there!


I’m passionate about helping other mums like me, stop feeling like they have no choice when it comes to working or being with their family so i’ve created an opportunity to share what i’ve learned through Your Metier.

I offer signature programmes to help mums launch a business based around their priorities.

I also offer mentoring for self-employed mums to shape their business & their priorities in life.

Mentoring - I LOVE mentoring, helping to achieve your goals & create strategies to deal with the mental-ness of being a mum in business!


1:1 Programmes - my signature approach to launching a business, in what time that you have & put family first

Métier - Dictionary Definition /ˈmetiei


An occupation or activity that one is good at

An outstanding or advantageous characteristic

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